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We develop advanced mathematical and numerical models for the simulation of industrial and environmental processes


  • Finite-volume methods
  • Lattice-Boltzmann methods
  • Lagrangian particle-tracking
  • Multiphase, Eulerian-Eulerian solvers
  • Artificial Neural Networks
  • Genetic algorithms
  • OpenFOAM (TM)


  • Domestic gas burners (cooktop, heaters)
  • Powerstation boilers, windboxes, heat exchangers
  • Flue-gas desulphurisation units
  • Automotive heat exchangers
  • Fluidized bed combustion
  • Aeroturbine combustion chambers
  • Desuperheating units
  • Heat recovery units
  • Aluminum coil annealing
  • Klinker furnaces in cement plants

Not just CFD...

... Fluids Engineering

We use CFD as a tool to investigate optimal solutions to practical industrial problems involving
fluid flow,
heat transfer,
chemical reaction

Our CFD Projects, Theses, Papers