Project Description

OXYCFD: Modelling and simulation of fluidized-bed combustion

The OXYCFD project addresses the development of a numerical model for the simulation of multiphase flow, heat transfer, mass transfer and reaction kinetics in the combustion of pulverized carbon under oxy-firing conditions in circulating fluidized beds (OCCFB). The model is formulated from first principles (i.e., it is based on conservation equations for relevant thermofluid properties), and in its main core will not include empirical correlations involving fundamental fluid flow or macro-mixing processes. The model is built on openFOAM, an open source Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) toolbox.

The aim of the model is the simulation of OCCFB configurations in both at the prototype scale (in order to validate the model as well as an aid to the design research rigs), and industrial scale, as a tool for the plant design and operation.

The project runs for three years, and consists of the following tasks:

  • Review of the state of the art, and detailed design of the software.
  • Multiphase models.
  • Heat transfer in the bed.
  • Gas-solid mass transfer.
  • Heterogeneous combustion.
  • Homogeneous combustion.
  • Formation and reduction of contaminants.
  • Heat transfer to walls.
  • Simulation of a representative configuration.
  • Verification and validation.
  • Scale up to industrial units, and parametric and optimization study.
  • Dissemination of results.

OXYCFD was funded by Fundación Estatal Ciudad de la Energía, and ran from Nov 2008 to Nov 2011.