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Sustainable COmbustion REsearch (SCORE)

Sustainable COmbustion REsearch (SCORE) aims at contributing the development of advanced and sustainable combustion systems through the use and improvement of predictive tools, experimental techniques, and measurement methods and control. The technological themes addressed are:

  • coal/oxygen/CO2 combustion
  • hydrogen and hydrogen/syn-gas gas turbine combustors
  • biomass combustion and co-combustion with coal or waste

Visit the full SCORE website here.  

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OXYCFD: Modelling and simulation of fluidized-bed combustion

The OXYCFD project addresses the development of a numerical model for the simulation of multiphase flow, heat transfer, mass transfer and reaction kinetics in the combustion of pulverized carbon under oxy-firing conditions in circulating fluidized beds (OCCFB). The model is formulated from first principles (i.e., it is based on conservation equations for relevant thermofluid properties), and in its main core will not include empirical correlations involving fundamental fluid flow or macro-mixing processes.

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Towards Lean Combustion (TLC)

Towards Lean Combustion, or TLC, is an R&D project funded by the European Union aimed at advancing the state-of-the-art of the technology in lean combustion in aeronautical turbines. The project is carried out by a consortium of 19 partners, and for a duration of 48 months from 2005 to 2009. Our role in TLC is the application of transported-PDF methods for the modeling of combustion and pollutant formation in aeroengines. More information about TLC can be found in a dedicated website.

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