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Multiphysics Models for the Simulation of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

(María García Camprubí, July 2011)


This thesis presents a comprehensive mathematical model that describes the performance of a hydrogen-fed, self-supported solid-oxide fuel-cell, and the corresponding numerical method to solve the model. The latter has been implemented using an open-source CFD-toolbox, OpenFOAM. The validity of the resulting numerical tool has been shown by comparison of its results with experimental data taken from the literature, and its applicability has been illustrated in a further numerical analysis.


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Numerical Simulation of Instabilities in Gas-Liquid Interfases

(Enrique López Pagés, February 2000)

The triggering and development of instabilities at the separating surface (interface) between two streams of liquid and a gas, downstream of dividing plates with infinitesimally thin and thick train edges are studied in this Thesis. The mixing layers between two flows of liquid an gas, as well as this liquid sheet injected between two gas coflows are analyzed. Arbitrary initial perturbations are not imposed and the systems naturally develop instability, depending on the geometric characteristics and the flow parameters.

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