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Preface: Special Issue Dedicated to the 2nd International Conference on Towards Sustainable Combustion – SPEIC2014

Costa, M.; Fernandes, E.; Fueyo, N.; Ballester, J.; Garcia-Ybarra, P.

Flow Turbulence And Combustion. 2016


The 2nd International Conference on Towards Sustainable Combustion (SPEIC2014) was
held in Lisboa, Portugal from the 18th to the 20th of November 2014. SPEIC2014 was
jointly organized by the Portuguese and Spanish Sections of the Combustion Institute.
The first conference of this series was held in Tenerife, Spain (2010). SPEIC2014 served
the additional purpose of honouring Professor C´esar Dopazo, on the occasion of his 70th
birthday, and his scientific leadership in the fields of Fluid Mechanics, Combustion and
The Conference was attended by about 100 participants from 20 countries; 6 keynote
lectures were delivered by internationally recognized experts; and 60 papers were presented
orally in 2 parallel sessions. The Conference sessions were organized according to
the following topics: Biomass and Coal Combustion, Engines, Flow and Flame Analysis,
Mild Combustion and Ignition Phenomena, Premixed and Edge Flames, Reaction Kinetics,
Sprays, Synthetic Fuels and Turbulent Combustion.
Among the papers presented at the Conference, 22 were selected, based on their quality
and alignment with the aims and scope of Flow, Turbulence and Combustion, and their
authors were invited to submit their respective papers to the present special issue. The submitted
papers were peer reviewed, following the usual review process of the journal. Of
these 17 were accepted and are included in the present issue. The papers report research
in the following major areas: chemical kinetics, soot reactivity, spray combustion, mild
and oxy-fuel combustion, large eddy simulation, direct numerical simulation and turbulent