Project Description

Crossing trajectories and phase change in Eulerian-Eulerian models of disperse multiphase flows.

Cubero, A.; Sánchez-Insa, A.; Fueyo, N.

International Journal Of Multiphase Flow. 2015


We analyze the representation in Eulerian–Eulerian models of disperse multiphase flows of phase change phenomena (such as particle drying or vapor condensation) occurring at the saturation temperature. The usually-employed model, whereby the heat transferred among the phases drives the phase change, leads to physically incorrect results (viz. the presence of liquid at a temperature above the boiling point) as illustrated in this paper for the drying of solid particles. An efficient correction is proposed and verified in two canonical configurations (1D dilute flow and 2D horizontal channel with gravitational phase segregation). An application to a realistic bubbling fluidized bed is included as Supplementary Material.