Project Description

Computational evaluation of low NOx operating conditions in arch-fired boilers

Fueyo, N.; Gambón, V.; Dopazo, C.; González, J. F.

Journal of Engineering For Gas Turbines And Power-Transactions Of The Asme. 1999


In the present paper, a computational model is used to simulate the aero-dynamic, thermal, and chemical conditions inside an arch-fired coal boiler. The model is based on the Eulerian-Eulerian concept, in which Eulerian conservation equations are solved both for the gas and the particulate phases. A NOx formation and destruction submodel is used to calculate the local concentration of NO. The model is used to simulate a range of operating conditions in an actual, 350 MW, arch-fired boiler, with the aim of reducing, using primary measures, the emissions of NOx . The model results shed some light on the relevant NOx -formation mechanisms under the several operating conditions. Furthermore, they correlate well quantitatively with the available field measurements at the plant, and reproduce satisfactorily the tendencies observed under the different operating modes.