GFN will participate at the NETL Small Scale Challenge Problem (SSCP-I), a blind test for fluidized beds models released by the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL).

The purpose of SSCP-I is to improve the reliability of computational models using experimental measurements in a small scale fluidized bed.

The stages of the challenge are: (i) a detailed description of the problem was published, (ii) submission of (blind) computational results are due, and (iii) the experimental data will be released for validation; (iv) modeling refinement would be conducted.

GFN is to take part in the SSCP-I blind test (phase ii) with our own solver for reactive gas-solids flows (CIPSAnPhaseReactEulerFoam).

This is an Eulerian-Eulerian algorithm developed by GFN to enhance the accuracy and consistency in the resolution of unsteady multiphase flows, and it is therefore appropriate for fluidized beds.

The validation of the GFN multiphase code with well defined experimental data is part of the SCORE project (Sustainable Combustion Research, Consolider CSD2010-00011), with the aim of providing a reliable CFD tool for the modeling of combustion in fluidized beds.

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