GFN will participate in the 7th OpenFOAM® Workshop that will be held on 25–28 June 2012, in Darmstadt, Germany. OpenFOAM® is the leading open source solution for Computational Fluid Dynamics.

Dr María García-Camprubí will present our latest developments in the multiphysics modelling and simulation of solid oxide regenerative fuel cells in an oral presentation entitled „Solid Oxide Regenerative Fuel-Cell: An OpenFOAM® solver“ (M. García-Camprubí, N. Fueyo), .

Additionally, a poster, „Subgrid Linear Eddy Model for LES Turbulent Combustion Modeling“ (by M. García-Camprubí, A. Sanchez-Insa, N. Fueyo), will outline a new project aiming at the simulation of the subgrid scales in a turbulent combusting flow with OpenFOAM®.

Also Dr. García-Camprubí will be chairing the „Porous Media“ session of the Workshop.