Small hydro-power energy

Hydraulic power plants convert gravitational potential energy contained in a watercourse into electricity. The energy contained in a watercourse is proportional to its current flow and the height difference between the beginning and end of the stretch. In the energy potential assessment is needed to know the drainage network and the waterflow value in each stretch.


A method to identifie the waterflow chanel network from the relief is developed. A rainfal-contribution model to calculate the annual avearge waterflow in each network stretch is used, the model obtains the anual water contribution from the surface runoff.

The hydro-power energy potential is assessed both for waterflow control and run-of-river facilities.


The annual average waterflow and the energy potential of hydro-power energy are obtained. The production cost and the needed installed power in order to achieve a specific energy potential are also assessed. Higher potential sites are located. The unused energy potential production cost is calculated.

Annual average waterflow values in the Ebro basin.