The biogas generation for use as feedstock in power generation is obtained from the following wastes:

  • Livestock manure: these are all the liquid (slurry) and solid (manure) droppings produced by any type of livestock. Are considered wastes from cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, horses, poultry and rabbit.
  • Municipal solid wastes: these are all waste kind produced in homes, shops, offices and services. Also considered MSW from cleaning public roads, green areas, recreational areas and beaches, as well as from the minor construction works and home improvements.
  • Sewage sludge: these are all products obtained from primary and secondary wastewater treatment. They are characterized by high organic content.


The livestock population is analysed by region and the energy potential from livestock manure is determined. The energy potential from municipal solid waste (landfill degassing, incineration or anaerobic digestion) and sewage sludge is calculated for each municipality. An economic analysis of energy and CO2 emission reduction is also reported.


The energy potential from livestock manure, municipal solid waste and sewage sludge is assessed. The production cost and needed the installed power to achieve a specified energy potential is also obtained. Higher production plantas are located, and the waste treatment plants arrangment is optimized

Energy production map from livestock manure in Cataluña.

Energy production map from sewage sludge in Cataluña.

Energy production map from landfill degassing manure in Cataluña.

Energy production map from municipal solid waste incineration in Cataluña.