Agricultural residues

Is the biomass that comes from agricultural activities such as harvesting crops (straw) or pruning of fruit trees (woody waste).

The analysed agricultural residues for electricity production assessment are:

  • Non-irrigated herbaceous: trigo, cebada, avena y centeno.
  • Irrigated herbaceous:trigo, cebada, avena, centeno y maíz.
  • Rice fields.
  • Fruit trees.
  • Olive trees.
  • Vineyard.


A present crop distribution map is obtained in order to determine the agricultural residues energy potential. The energy producition is economially assessed and the CO2 emission reduction is also calculated. The interaction between traditional and energy-giving crops (for residues obtention) is considered.

Present crop distribution in Andalucia autonomous region.


The energy potential and the production cost for agricultural residues is reported. The installed power is also calculated as well as the needed area to achieve a specified energy production. Highest potential sites are located. Production plant location is optimized.

Energy potential from agricultural residues in Castilla La Mancha, Valencia y Murcia.

Production cost from agricultural residues analysis in Castilla La Mancha, Valencia y Murcia.