Energy-giving crops

There are two kinds of crops used solely for energy purposes: short rotation crops and herbceous crops. Short rotation crops are fast growing woody species (eucalyptus, poplar or aspen, for example). Herbaceous crops are annually harvested, this category includes, among others, cardoon, miscanthus or cereals.

The considered energy-giving crops for electricity production in Spain are:

  • Cardoon
  • Eucaliptus
  • Giant reed
  • Miscanthus
  • Paulownia
  • Poplar
  • Swithcgrass
  • Willow


Crop distribuition maps for Spain are obtained, and scenarios are developed by using a present land use map. The energy potential from energy-giving crops is assessed at several scales: municipal, district, regional or national.

An economic analysis for energy production is developed and the CO2 emission reduction by using energy-giving crops is also calculated.


The needed energy potential to cover present or future energy demands is obtained. The installed power is also calculated as well as the needed area to achieve a specified energy production. Highest potential sites are located. Production plant location is optimized.

Energy-giving crops energy potential in Aragon autonomous region.

Energy-giving crops production cost in Aragon autonomous region.

Plant size in Aragon autonomous region.