Solar photovotaic energy

Solar photovoltaic energy is the utilization of direct radiation from the sun to generate electricity by devices called photovoltaic panels. Depending on the panel movement with respect to the Sun could be distinguished between fixed systems or two axes arrays.

In 2008 the electricity generated from photovoltaic modules has experienced strong growth from 155.9 MW installed in 2006 to 606.0 MW at the end of 2007.


Climate influence in solar energy production is studied, as well as the electricy generation from all kind of modules both for fixed systems or arrays is analysed. An economic analyse is also reported for the deployment of each technology.

Anual radiation map in Madrid autonomous region.


Georreferenced data about capacity generation and production cost for photovoltaic technologies is obtained. The lowest production technology and the most suitable technology in terms of available resources is determined .<> 

Energy production map with two axes arrays in Extremadura autonomus region.