Wind energy off-shore

Offshore wind power has many advantages over on-shore one. The wind resource is large and high-energy because the wind speed is higher. In addition, there is more space and visibility from the coast is low, causing a minor visual impact. However, the complexity of engineering work in the sea leads higher installation costs and maintenance.

At present in Spain there is no installed offshore wind farms, although is planned to install some facilities in Galicia, Tarifa and the Ebro mouth.



Wind maps for the areas with greather interest of whole Spanish coast are produced, the off-shore wind energy potential is calculated using bathymetry data with high spatial resolution.

Also, we get the capacity factors of the studied wind farms studied and asses the electry production cost at each site.

Wind resources map in the Cantabrian and Galician coast.


The off-shore wid energy potential and the wind farms capacity factors are obtained. The electricity production cost from wind energy, the installed power and the needed occupied area to achieve a speciifed energy production is assessed.

Off-shore wind energy potential map in the Cantabrian and Galician coast.