Wind energy on-shore

In recent years, onshore wind power in Spain has reached a high degree of implementation, with an installed capacity of 15145.1 MW in late 2007. The Ebro valley, south of Cadiz, west of Galicia and Catalonia in the northeast are the areas that have greater wind potential and the sites where most wind farms are installed at present.


Using a numerical mesoscale meteorological forecasting model and a digital terrain model with high spatial resolution wind maps are produced throughout Spain to determine the potential of onshore wind power at several scales: municipal, district, regional or national level.

The capacity factor of the wind facilities is also calculated and the electricity cost production is assessed for each location.

The available locations are putted into groups to avoid the installation of isolated wind turbines, the facility visibility is calculated and the visual impact of the wind farms is analysed.

Wind resource map in Zaragoza province.

Digital terrain model in Galicia autonomous region.

Populated areas visually affected in Badajoz province.


On-shore wind energy potential and wind farm capacity factors are obtained. The electricity production cost, as well as installed power and the needed occupied area to achieve a specific energy production is assessed. On the other hand, populated and transited area visually affected by wind facilities are also analysed.

On-shore wind energy potential in Madrid autonomous region.

Capacity factors calculated in Galicia.

Electricity production cost from wind energy in Navarra.