Numerical Fluid Dynamics Group

The Numerical Fluid Dynamics group gfn is a research group at the University of Zaragoza (Spain). The group is part of the Fluid Mechanics Section and of the Laboratory of Research in Fluid Dynamics and Combustion Technologies (LIFTEC).

Numerical simulation of fluid flow

Our main activity is the numerical simulation of fluid flow, heat transfer and chemical reaction.

We develop numerical models for the simulation of fluid flow in industrial applications and in the environment. These models and techniques are often developed in cooperation with industry, and/or with support from regional, national or European funding bodies.

Renewable energies and energy systems

One of the main research activities of the gfn is the large-scale, techno-economic evaluation of the potential of renewable energies. To do so, we estimate in detail the resource (wind, irradiation, biomass, residues or wave power) in a whole region, using a GIS system and high-resolution data.

Using these technics, we can establish the technically-realizable potential of a region, and is associated cost in the form of cost-production curves. We can evaluate the impact (eg, visual) and analyze scenarios with several share levels of renewables in the energy mix. We can compare scenarios in terms of their overal cost to society at large, the investment needs, the avoided emissions (both operating and LCA), and visual impact, among others.